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College Prep Elementary School’s authorizer is the Minnesota Guild of Public Charter Schools.

Contact Information for The Guild:https://guildschools.org

Board Meetings

Next scheduled school board meeting:

Monday, February 26, 2018. 6:30pm

CPE encourages parents to get involved by attending school board meetings

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Annual Reports

College Prep Elementary 2015-16 Annual Report

College Prep Elementary 2015 Annual Report (pdf)

College Prep Elementary 2014 Annual Report (pdf)

Statement of Revenues and Expenditures for September, 30_2016

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Important documents

Public Input PolicyWorld’s Best Workforce Summary 2015.pdf

BYLAWS of College Prep Elementary

Board Member Election Resolution

2015-16 College Prep Elementary Worlds Best Work Force Report

Board Members

CPE School Board

Name                                        Board Position                       Contact Information                                 Group Seated

Shelly Patraw                          Board Chair                            shelly.patraw@cpe-k6.or                          July 2017

Maya KrugerBoard                Secretary                                 maya.kruger@cpe-k6.org                         July 2017

Andrew Xiong                        Board Member                      andrew.xiong@cpe-k6.org                        July 2017

Stacy Johnson                       Board Member                      stacy.johnson@cpe-k6.org                        July 2017

Mike Hang                              Board Member                      mike.hang@cpe-k6.org                             July 2017

Yang Xiong                             Board Member                       yang.xiong@cpe-k6.org                           July 2017