Staff Contact Information


Dao Lor, Executive Director

Laula Vang, Director of Operations

Andrew Xiong, Director of Teaching and Learning

Idil Hassan, Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning

Patchia Vang, Operations Manager

Grade Level Teachers

Kindergarten Teacher

Jennifer Jordan

Kindergarten Teacher

Maureen Nelson

First Grade Teacher

Jocelyn Kalal

First Grade Teacher

Megan Splittstoesser

Second Grade Teacher

Kimberly Griffin

Second Grade Teacher

Sarah Mooney-Berg

Third Grade Teacher

Becky Pederson

Third Grade Teacher

Kou Xiong

Fourth Grade Teacher

Jenna Raiola

Fourth Grade Teacher

Samantha Graack

Fifth Grade Teacher

Mariah Cummings

Fifth Grade Teacher

Stacy Johnson

Sixth Grade Teacher

Amy Gelle

Sixth Grade Teacher

Maggie Vietor


Art Teacher

Grace Eggan

Physical Education Teacher

Joel Schendel

Hmong Language Teacher

Nao Thao

Karen Language Teacher

Paw Nay Bu

English Language Development

ELD Teacher

Ciera Nelson –

ELD Teacher

Katherine Stangel –

Special Education

Melissa Anderson –

Karen Anderson –

Karen Mountain –

Connie Bruner –

Shelly Patraw –

Nicole Erben  – (Social Worker)


Carly Smitkowski – (School Nurse)

Chu Say – (Admin Assistant I/Karen Parent Liaison)

Jillian Yang – (MARSS/Student Data and Marketing Design Coordinator)

Ndeye Ndiaye – (Nurse Assistant)

Pang Foua Chang – (Admin Assistant/Attendance)

Tong Ge Yang – (Community Relations and Marketing Coordinator)

Food Service:

Sally Chang – (Food Service Coordinator)


Nao Cheng Thor – (Facility Assistant)

Tou Vang – (Facility Coordinator)


Mike Anderson –

Title I Department:

Alaya Lee – (Title 1 Paraprofessional)

Linda Vang – (Title 1 Paraprofessional/Testing Coordinator)

English Language Development Department:

Yong Yang – (ELD Paraprofessional)

Special Education Department:

Haylee Xiong – (Special Education Due Process Aid/Family Liaison)

Phia Jalao – (Special Education Coordinator)

Special Education Paraprofessionals

Cassandra Potter –

Jackie Yang –

Lee Moua –

Mary Lou Gomez –

Moua Vang –

Randall Mastel –

Steven Fauskee –

Yer Vang – yer.vang@cpe-k6.or