CPE Curriculum

Parents may request and CPE will provide information regarding the professional qualifications of the students’ classroom teachers.

CPE uses best practices and several curriculum resources, both online and printed materials, to teach the Minnesota Standards and Benchmarks.  These standards for each subject can be found at: http://education.state.mn.us/mde/index.html

Listed below are some of the curriculum materials and resources used at CPE to meet these standards and benchmarks:

K-2 Curriculum: Superkids Reading program

Grades K-2: Reading/Language Arts: The Superkids Reading Program is based on decades of research about how children learn to read.

The Superkids Reading Program:Superkids is a comprehensive core literacy curriculum just for K-2.  It provides a deliberate text approach built on systematic phonics, balances all five essential elements of reading, integrates reading, writing, spelling, and grammar, combines rigor with fun, and completely aligned to our MN state Standards.  http://www.superkidsreading.com/

3-6 Curriculum - Benchmark Reading/Literacy Curriculum

Grades 3 - 6: Benchmark Literacy Curriculum: Benchmark Literacy, http://www.benchmarkeducation.com/literacy/ is a comprehensive literacy program that enables students to access complex text. It is a research-proven solution aligned to new State Standards and empowers teachers with:

  • 30 weeks of explicit comprehension-focused lessons for the whole class, small groups, and intervention.

  • Assessment-driven instruction that is differentiated and includes responding to text.

  • Gradual release and built-in choice that support student progress and teacher creativity.

  • Precisely leveled texts for your full range of students, including ELs and striving readers.

  • Leveled Reader’s Theater and diverse genres that engage students and extend learning.

  • Research-based resources and professional development that have been proven effective.

  • Interactive technology that motivates student learning, involvement, and promotes excellence.

Supplemental reading resources like Scholastic Guided Reading Leveled Program & Reading A to Z / Writing A to Z:

The Scholastic Guided Reading Program is a varied collection of books that are categorized by the kind and level of challenge they offer children as they are learning to read. http://www.scholastic.com.

Reading A to Z / Writing A to Z: Reading A to Z  provides professionally developed leveled readers, poetry, read-alouds, decodables, and more, with accompanying lessons, worksheets, assessments, and other teaching and learning materials. Both supplemental curriculum materials cover all the key reading skills. In addition to widespread use in mainstream classrooms, Reading A to Z materials benefit educators and students in special education, Title I , ESL, and dual and bilingual language programs.

Writing A to Z  contains a comprehensive collection of leveled writing lessons and materials in five main writing genres: expository, narrative, persuasive, procedural, and transactional. When combined together these A to Z programs provide our students with the well rounded reading/writing skills necessary to successful learners.